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New video – Guideline NT8 Fly Rods

December 4, 2017

Featuring the very latest in Nano-Tube reinforcement technology, our new NT8 Series brings Guideline rods to the next level. By combining an ultra strong and responsive IM8 High Tensile Carbon material with Nano Tube particles through a proprietary bonding process, blanks with exceptional performance and strength are created. These rods have not only tested as the strongest rods we have ever produced, but they are also the lightest, making them a joy to use along rivers and coastlines during long, intense fishing days. 


You find all details about the NT8 models at the Guideline website here >>>



New Korkers Boots 2018

November 30, 2017

Revolutionary construction, seamless durability & unsurpassed comfort. The end of stitch and seam failure forever. WRAPTR features one-piece, single-seam, next-level, abrasion resistant engineering in a hyper-light, water-immune shell of flexible armor. Built to smash miles and defend comfort no matter how insane the terrain or conditions.

FB5110_Wraptr 3Qtr Front sm

One-piece, single-seam, abrasion-resistant engineered skin in a hyperlight, water-immune shell of flexible armor wraps around this boot setting a new standard for the industry. Compression molded flexible armor that solves the age-old problem of stitch or seam failure. OmniTrax® Interchangeable Sole System for customized traction on the fly. Anti-corrosive brass speed laces, friction-free rolling lace guides, and a locking lace cleat provide a customized bi-zonal fit. 3-Ply Fit System achilles stabilization for the superlative fit. Hydrophobic upper material with ultra abrasion resistance gives fast drying. Water flows thru internal channels then out midsole ports, removing excess water and weight fast. Exceptional comfort with premium polyurethane footbed for added shock absorption and dynamic comfort. Specs // 10” height / 3lbs 5oz per pair. Available in sizes 7-15 (whole sizes only)


Recommended Retail Price: SEK/NOK 2 649, EUR 295


The definitive boot packed with performance and comfort for bad ass women anglers around the world. Engineered specifically to fit women. OmniTrax® Interchangeable Sole System adapts your traction to any fishing condition and hydrophobic materials gives faster dry times which lessen the chance of spreading invasive species.


Durable construction with enhanced midsole, scratch rubber toe cap extending to side panels and rubberized RockGuard anti-abrasion synthetic material. Internal drainage lets water flows thru internal channels then out midsole ports, removing excess water and weight. Traditional closure system with laces and durable noncorrosive hardware and heel lock provide a secure fit. Available in sizes US 5 – 9.

Recommended Retail Price: SEK/NOK 2199, EUR 235

Compline II Shooting Line

November 10, 2017

A new range of economical, flat, intermediate Monofilament Shooting Lines for use with Shooting Heads in both single hand and double hand fishing. The flat Compline II has a little more “rectangular” shape. It has the same amount of stretch as Compline and is a little softer in the handling, especially when used several days in a row.


A 50 lbs Compline II will perform well with both 9/10 and 10/11 wt rods. A 42 lbs Compline II works well with 8/9wt rods and can even be used on 7/8 outfits. The 35 lbs version lends itself very well to fishing with Switch and Single Hand rods.

Being a bit more supple, this line has some advantages when it comes to stretching it and eliminating “dints” that have occurred when tangling. It stays straight in colder weather and is easy to stretch.

Available in the following models:
35 lbs – Solid Orange
42 lbs – Red
50 lbs – Solid Yellow

Recommended retail price: SEK/NOK 299, EUR 33
Lenght 50 m per spool.
Avilable spring 2018.


News 2018 – Zip Wader & Support Belt

October 24, 2017

Here we bring you a new blog post with some of the upcoming 2018 Guideline products -the updated Experience Sonic TiZip Wader and the relief for sore backs, the Experience Support Belt.


Experience Sonic TiZip Wader

For season 2018 we have updated our Experience Sonic TiZip Wader so they now take advantage of “no stitch” Ultra Sonic Welding technology. It has also been equipped with a double belt loop at the back to better fit the height you want. We also gave it a new darker gray color compared to last year: Graphite. If you would like a lighter wader made of highest quality fabric and front zip opening, the Experience Zip Wader will be your choice. These waders are made with one large outside pocket and one internal pocket. Both equipped with water resistant zippers to make them as waterproof as possible. All around the upper it is a hole webbing where you can attach whatever you like to, anywhere. At the front you have an movable and removable retractor. This wader is perfect if you are walking a lot during your fishing or on the way to and from your trip since it is light clean and packable. Compared to the Alta Wader it is 240 gr lighter. It has become our favorite for fishing in the mountains.

Material: 4 layer 100% Nylon Taslan with dyed and PU laminated finish.
Waterproof: 30.000 mm
Breathability. 7.000 gr/m2/24h (B-1)
Color: Graphite
Weight: 943 gr/size L
Sizes:S-XXXL, MS, ML, MK, LS, LL, LK, XLK.
Price: SEK/NOK 3.999, EUR 420



Experience Support Belt

Experience Support Belt is our new wader belt, developed with the same technology that we use for the Experience Waist bag L. With a slightly different shape to fit and work well as a support belt. We also gave it two D-rings at the back and two webbing loops at the hips to attach things. Great to possibility to find your own point to attach the wading staff. At the back-side of the belt it is a Spandex pocket. Adjustment of the belt is made from the sides to have clean space for the fly line at the front. It is made out of structured EVA covered with mesh for extra ventilation and covered with 210D Nylon Rip Stop with a 38 mm webbing belt.

Color: Graphite
Weight: 200 gr.
Price: SEK/NOK 499, EUR 53


The Brown Fly

October 23, 2017

Word & images by Calle Lundqvist, Guideline Power Team Sweden.

Some of you may remember the blogpost from May this year where Calle Lundqvist wrote about his ´Rule of thumb about flies´ and stated – The color of the flies are not so important as long as they are brown. The statement was illustrated with an image of Calle´s fly box and well, he really like brown flies…. And as we got requests about the Brown Fly, here we present a Step by Step instruction from Calle´s desk.


Last swing of the pool. Once again that big fish that just showed up head and tail rejected the fly. Should I try another fly? Or just leave it and head to another pool? But what if you didn’t have to put yourself in that position, what if you could use a fly that the fish just can’t reject. If I had to use one fly and one fly only for a whole summer, this would be the one. This one in different sizes and materials is tied to my leader 98% of the time.

I’m fishing for salmon. It works in dirty water, clear water, low water, high water, early season, late season. In fact my own statistics shows that 60% of the time, it work every time. Just remember to dip it in your confident jar before you tie it on.  The fly pictured here is about 10 cm long and the one I would use early in the season. Later in the season I’ll just make em´ smaller and use less flash and material.


Material needed:
Black thread.
Tube of your own choice with some weight.
Some sort of copper flat braid.
Ice dub, Peackock black.
Orange polar bear or other stiffer material. 
Fiery brown fur of your own choice. I use fox. 
Orange and black ringneck hackle.
Copper Gliss n Glow. 
Angel hair rusty olive.
Jungle Cook if you prefer. The fish don’t care.

• Wrap the braid and the dubbing. About 50/50 of the body. Keep the body pretty short.
• Tie the polar bear or your own material of choice first pointing forward and the fold back and secure. Add 2 strands of Gliss n glow and dubble them.
• Wrap the orange ringneck hackle. Add another section of hair. This time fiery brown and a bit longer than the first wing (forward, back technique).
• Wrap a black ringneck hackle and add a few strands of the rusty olive flash.
• Tie the last and longest section of the wing. This one fiery brown as well. (forward, back technique). Add Jungle Cook as sides if you like it. If you’re a badass you skip them.

• Wait for summer and catch a Salmon!

Happy tying!
Word & images by Calle Lundqvist, Guideline Power Team Sweden.


Guideline FAVO flyreel

October 12, 2017

These High Tech fly reels are inspired by the design elements in our Fario and Vosso reels. We have given each reel slightly individual features to best suit it’s purpose of use and to make it match nicely with the rods it is suited for.


Part of the design is unique and can only be achieved by using a die casting method where reels are produced from high precision tooling and then CNC finished before being coated with the final finish. The drag system is smooth, precise and well proven over years. It will give good performance even though it is not sealed.


Normal care and maintenance is required when using the reels in salt water. There are 3 models available and they will fit rods from #4 up to 10/11. The 79 and 810 models have a rim cage to stabilize the frame and prevent thin Shooting Lines from getting caught between frame and spool.


The 810 also features extra X-truss supports and has a double 5-spoke pattern both on the spool and the frame. The retrieve direction on the reels is easy to alter and only takes a couple of minutes. FAVO has a Dark Gunmetal (or Black) semi matte finish on the frame and spool, with black knobs and details. There are two orange metal plates with GL snake logo on the drag- and spool release knobs. Reels are delivered in a nylon reel case.


FAVO #46
Dimensions: 94x62x30 mm
Capacity: 71 cm3 (A little less than Reelmaster LA46)
Weight: 136 grams 
Price: SEK/NOK 1.099, EUR 118

FAVO #79
Dimensions: 100x58x30 mm
Capacity: 103 cm3 (A little less than Reelmaster LA68)
Weight: 162 grams
Price: SEK/NOK 1.299, EUR 138

FAVO #810
Dimensions: 110x64x36 mm
Capacity: 162,5 cm3 (A little less than Reelmaster LA911)
Drag power @ spool bottom: 4 kg
Weight: 216 grams
Price: SEK/NOK 1.499, EUR 158

FAVO Spare Spools
FAVO #46    Spare spool – SEK/NOK 499, EUR 58
FAVO #79    Spare spool – SEK/NOK 599, EUR 68
FAVO #810  Spare spool – SEK/NOK 699, EUR 78

More FAVO images below, click one image and scroll through the other images in full screen.

Images by Henrik Larsson @fiskebild
B&W studio images by Christer Andersson @femti5

The river Tay Perthshire

September 19, 2017

By Cohn O’Dea – Guideline Ambassador & Head Ghillie Taymount, River Tay.

The River Tay and its surroundings, often called The Heart of Scotland, are simply quite stunning during the autumn season.  For those fortunate enough to find themselves submerged within her hypnotic and seductive flows, surrounded by its abundance of breathtaking wildlife and outstanding autumn scenery.  It is my hope that you find something useful in this composition of guidelines and considerations, that gives you the edge in your experience and pursuit of a fish of a life time.


Safety – First and foremost in all situations and related applications.  Life jackets, wadding sticks and sunglasses are essential for the various situations you might encounter.  Caution is required whilst wadding this mighty river.  Navigate your pools with due care, the most simple wades are often the most treacherous.

Rods and Reels – 14/15ft, 9/10, 10/11 rods are standard requirements.  12/13ft, 8/9, 9/10, are essential for more competent coverage of the river.  In the biggest of waters these shorter rods shall serve you well, as more often than not your best opportunities are not far from you.  Reels are advised to have Disc Drags and hold at least 200 yards of 30LB backing, (Think Big, succeed big).  Although they are less common these days this mighty river still has the potential to give you the opportunity of a fish, of a lifetime.


Lines and leaders – At this time of year you should cover all bases from full floater to heavy sinkers.  3D and 4D multisystem are my recommendations.  Mono 15-20LBs Maxima tried and tested option.  Fluorocarbon 16-22LB, Reverge Grand Max is most reliable on the market.

Flies – You can’t over do it this department.  Palmered bodies and feelers really come in to play at this time of the season.  If your fortunate enough to be a fly dresser, subtle changes to current or tried and tested patterns can bring great results.  Change long tails to long wings, leave out jungle cock eyes, black body with gold or silver rib during the daytime fishing, gold and silver bodies in the evening.Big classic hair wing singles, along with standard, old school classics, such as Stoats Tail, Munro Killer, Curry’s Red and Hutchy Shrimp and Thunder & Lightning have saved the day for me on many occasions. Although they are no longer in fashion, when all else fails you can always trust in them too work.


Waders and Boots – Chest waders are standard.  Robust boots with rubber or felt soles are recommended to be accompanied with good or new studs.  Some of this rivers bedrock bottom can be like glass at this time of year.

Clothing –  Climate and river temperatures are variable and sometimes extreme at this time of year.  The River Tay has its own unique eco-climate, one side can be very cold whilst the other side can be warm.  Winds can be fierce, waterproof clothing and thermals are essential to cover all elements of weather you may encounter. Please remember in Scotland we can regularly encounter all seasons in the same day.


Applications – This big old river requires a multi-dimensional approach.  If you fish one dimensional you will only succeed one dimensional.  First thing in the morning, after lunch and in the evening you may encounter fish in the most untypical parts of the pools, eg, really thin water, drop offs and runs.  The best approach for such fish is to use shorter rods with lighter full floating lines, long leaders with classic fly’s or small tubes will bring great success.  Clear intermediate tips or small cone heads for increased control and depth.  Cast short from different angles and vary your fly speed with rod movement, figure of 8 or slow/quick pulls of different lengths can often seduce hard to catch fish.  Tailor your wading to suit each approach.  Your first run down each pool should always be with your shorter rod, with little or no wadding.  Your second run, with your longer rod a more typical and orthodox approach, with medium or comfortable wadding.  Deep wading is not advised and rarely achieves, nothing more than cumbersome casting, failed crumbled back turnovers.  Tidy manageable casting with good fly turnover and touch down will without doubt result in more opportunities of hooking these truly magnificent and elusive fish.


1) Safety first in all aspects.
2) Tailor your approach and application.
3) Carry a complete selection of fly lines.
4) Make sure you have strong well tied knots, leaders and plenty of backing.
5) Current, classic, experimental variants and outlandish fly’s required.
6) Think Big & you shall succeed big.  This ensures everything else is well catered for.
7) Keep cool, dry and warm, as you may well encounter all seasons in one.
8) Resist over casting and over wading.
9) Always expect the unexpected.
10) Absorb your total experience.

Keep it Reel and C,Mon the Fish
By Cohn O’Dea – Guideline Ambassador & Head Ghillie Taymount, The River Tay, Scotland. 


Cohn’s introduction to fishing began as a poachers son aged 4 by carrying the rods and observing at Taymount in1974. His father (Cohn Snr),master fly fisher, J.T Third and Tay legend George McGinnis were his mentors and inspiration to learn, refine and improve all aspects of his casting repertoire and expertise. For him fly fishing on the river Tay has a special attraction. He has a complete symmetry with the rivers mystical union, unique challenges and ever changing moods; He continues to pass on his passion for salmon fishing teaching and advising anglers from around the globe who visit his beat on this mighty river. With his life long obsession, dedication and commitment we are proud to welcome Cohn as a Guideline ambassador and part of the Guideline family.